Top Vacation Rental Websites for Phoenix Homeowners

As the hospitality industry continues to expand, there are tons of travelers looking for monthly vacation rentals by owner. Especially in the Valley of the Sun. More and more Arizona residents are beginning to consider listing their property to capture this trend in order to make some money on their valuable investment. Preparing to list your home is key, but knowing where to list your home is just as important. So, we thought we’d provide you with the top vacation rental websites for Phoenix homeowners.


These two brands fall under the umbrella of HomeAway and are currently dominating the market in the United States and Canada. Over the years, they’ve taken the time to analyze different destinations and create a cohesive platform that’s user friendly for homeowners and travelers. They do a great job of matching properties with ideal renters and VRBO is a popular option for Phoenix vacation rentals.

They currently allow you to list your home as a vacation rental for free. They charge you based off of a “pay per booking” (PPB) format. Their 8-10% fee only occurs when a confirmation for your Phoenix vacation home comes through. This is becoming more popular in the industry, but HomeAway has one of the best underwriting processes. You can learn more about their requirements here.

They also offer a yearly subscription for those looking to rent their Phoenix home consistently. For $499 annually, you’ll avoid the 5% transaction fee that’s included in the PPB model. This can save you quite a bit of money, but should only be considered if you’re serious about renting.

If you own multiple vacation rentals, you also have the option of signing up as a property manager. They really provide you with all of the tools you need to manage your homes effectively.

An Analysis of AirBNB

Although most view AirBnB as a newer platform, they’ve actually been around since 2008. At the same time, they’re growing quickly due to a lot of risk taking. Some think they launched a little prematurely, but most of their “mistakes” have been due to the rental experience and not necessarily the platform itself. Many complaints have been made about stereotyping or inadequacies listed by homeowners.

As far as the experience goes for the property owner, it’s pretty solid. In addition to guest reviews, homeowners are also given the opportunity to rate tenants. This addresses guest occurrences if something were to go sideways. You also gain access to a $1,000,000 insurance policy, which is leading coverage in the industry.

Unlike HomeAway, AirBNB is geared more towards Phoenix homeowners that are only looking to rent their property a few times a year. Although an an annual subscription isn’t provided, you’re only charged 3% for bookings and can list your home for free. One of the overlooked benefits of this platform is the fact they advertise your home when views are low. This ensures occupancy rates are high for all of their users. They also provide your potential guests with local restaurants and experiences that keep them engaged while viewing your listing.

Other Vacation Rental Websites for Phoenix Homeowners Worth Considering

If you’re looking to support some of the people that have been discriminated against by AirBNB property owners, Innclusive is a great platform to check out. Outside of the insurance coverage, they’re pretty identical. What’s attractive is their culture and unique stance towards equal rights, ensuring guests are treated fairly based on qualifications  and not race. As they continue to sustain, they’re definitely a website to keep an eye on. has been recently expanding into the vacation rental space. They’re worth considering because of their vast experience in the hospitality industry. The difference with is that they require you to manage most of the transactions and contracts on your own. Receiving payments directly can be beneficial, but they charge a 15% transaction fee. This can be risky if something were to go wrong. The main benefit is that can list your vacation rental for free and you’re not charged when someone cancels on you.

Make Sure You Deep Clean Your Property Post Rental

At Maid 2B Cleaned, we take pride in making sure your home is in tip top shape once your guests vacations come to an end. We specialize in cleaning residential properties and have a plethora of experience managing investment properties and evictions. We’d love to give you additional peace of mind as you transition into the vacation rental lifestyle in Phoenix, Arizona. Give us a call or fill out a contact form for more information.


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